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Google business profile website not available announcement
Big news: Google just announced they will be discontinuing their websites created through Google Business Profile. This means if you used their automated tool to turn your Google Business Profile into a website, in just a couple short months it will be shut down. Gone.

Read straight from Google about the details or continue reading this post for more info.

What You Need To Know

How do you know if your website will be affected? If your domain ends in “business.site” or “negocio.site”, then this announcement is for you. Your website will be turned off.

What will happen to your website and when? Beginning March 1, 2024, visitors attempting to visit your website will be redirected to your business profile page. This will be in effect until June 10, 2024 when the redirect ends and your visitors will just see an empty page with a note that the site is unavailable.


This is a big deal and will affect many, many businesses. The best tip I can give going forward is to make sure you own your website. Some may not realize that when you create a free site on an automated platform, the website is their property and it can disappear at any time. These free or cheap resources may be a temporary quick fix but they are not a real solution to having a solid, effective web presence.

" The best tip I can give going forward is to make sure you own your website. "

What to do Next

What can you do about it?
You have a few months to update your information anywhere you have your website url listed to a different web address. Think social media accounts, online listings, business cards, flyers, etc. These can all be edited to either remove or replace your website link.

Best course of action: If you are serious about your business, consider getting a new website. A real one that you own and have control of so this doesn’t happen again. We have a special going on right now to help businesses who are in this or similar situations where they need a quick website without spending a lot of money. You’ll get big discounts on a premium website with lots of extras. See the details on that here:  crispwebservices.com/special-offer  Update:this special has expired.

Or if you want to talk about other options,  get in touch with Crisp Web Services to get a no-obligation quote for a custom website for your business today. We can help you get a professional website up quick to start bringing in leads and increasing your sales.  

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