Do I still need a website if I already have enough business?

busy businesses need a website
Many business owners seek out help with a professional website mainly because they aren’t satisfied with the about of business they are currently getting. Common themes I hear are “I need more clients”, “I’d really like to get more sales”, or “I want more customers coming in”. But every now and then, a lucky business owner has the opposite problem: “I already have more business than I can handle!” or “I get plenty of return customers and referrals, I don’t need any more.”

You might think this is a good problem to have, but the truth is that many of these business owners are drowning! They are often working way too many hours and taking on several roles per person. They tell me about the stress they feel every day while trying to run the businesses, handle customers, and take care of all the office work at the same time. Quite often, these same business owners are at that impossible stage of not making enough money to hire more help, yet they’re getting so much incoming work that they can’t do it all alone. Which leads us back to our original question:

Do already busy businesses really need a professional website?

The answer, in my opinion, is YES! Perhaps they need a functional website design even more than anyone else. Let me tell you why…

A website, built correctly, works for you. It is like a good employee that works 24/7 and never has to break for food or sleep. Not only does it work as a marketing machine, but your website can also lighten your workload and make customer relations and managerial tasks easier. It’s like magic!
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How can a website help?

The answer is that many of those endless tasks can be automated. Spending too much time collecting payments? Start an online payment portal. Tired of answering endless phone calls and answering the same repetitive questions? Address those issues on an extensive “FAQ” or “How we work” page and let that do the explaining for you. Does your business offer memberships or customer specific incentives? Create a membership login where they can manage their own account. Are you paying an employee to handle your appointments and cancellations? Get setup with an integrated online scheduling system.

This is just the beginning. Technology is your friend. Let it help you with any number of tasks like filling out and processing forms electronically, taking orders and sending information directly to your store, updating customers on your business status or availability, connect with your CRM to automate data input, handle customer support with chat features and relevant information that is available outside of business hours. You can check out our services page for more ideas of what a website could do for you.

If your business is too busy, can you really afford to not have a website? Your investment will pay off every day and might just add inestimable value to your business and give you back some time for doing the things you love.

" If your business is too busy, can you really afford to not have a website? "

And remember that in-between stage we talked about that is so difficult to get past? A professional website just might be the answer you’ve been looking for. When you’re ready to jump to the next level, your website is there to start bringing in enough additional customers to justify those additional employees or that second office. I’ve seen my clients soar past that stage — like the company that was able to double the amount of employees and finally buy the commercial building they had been needing.

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What kind of tasks can a website handle?

Once you get set up with a proper, functional website, the sky is the limit. You’re ready for the future and whatever it might bring for your business. If you need to add functionality, it’s not a big hurdle– the foundation is already set for your success. So often, my past clients come across a need and come to me with a question like “Hey, is there any way we can (fill in the blank) through the website?” And just like that, the issue is solved. I take care of the development and implementing the solution, and they get back to working on the core of their business.

The best part about all of this is that you don’t have to know how to make it all work. Don’t spend endless hours trying to figure out another thing on top of everything you have going on. We make it simple. Just come to us and tell us your goals, your struggles, what you want to achieve and what is keeping you from getting there.

We can lay out your options and give you our experienced opinion on how to get where you want to you. Then, we do all the nerdy, technical things to make it all happen for you. Just like magic.

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I’ve been building custom websites and helping businesses succeed since 2015. I love the process of getting to know each client’s needs and building creative solutions that transform their business. To me, helping others is a great privilege, so please feel free to ask for tips or ideas while working on your online presence! Contact me here.

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