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Custom Website Solutions

Real Examples from real businesses

What can Custom Website Design ​do for you?

We’ve compiled a handful of examples to show you a few ways we’ve helped other business owners simplify, manage, and grow their business. These are real solutions that we’ve built on our clients’ websites.

Make your life EASIER

A good website will work FOR you. By automating tasks, you save time and simplify your work.

Collect Forms

Example: Employment applications

Hewescraft Marine Co.

Other uses: Collect required forms prior to services or events, customer agreement forms, medical release forms, etc.

Payment Collection

Example: Online Invoice Payments


Other uses: Accept online payments for services, products, donations, etc.

Accept Reservations

Example: Hotel Booking

Columbia Cottages

Other uses: Reservations for classes, restaurants, events, etc.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

A user-friendly website will make your customers happy. We use intuitive design and interactive tools to give the user the best experience.

360° View Images

Example: Panorama Boat Images


Other uses: 360° product view, home or property tours

Custom Gallery

Example: Categorized Product Display

Candi's Jewelry & Gifts

Other uses: artist gallery, Informative posts, portfolio of past work

Interactive Calendar

Example: Event Calendar

Homeschoolers of Whatcom

Other uses: organization events, classes, schedules, etc.

Grow Your Business

You’re already awesome. We’ll make sure everyone knows, then give them a way to act on it.

Increase Sales

Example: SEO Work + Copywriting

Chameleon Woodcrafting

Result: Within 1 year, they raised to #1 on Google for their key search term and quadrupled their business income


Example: Online Seafood Sales

Finicky Fisherman

Results: Expanded sales to all across the country and increased and enhanced local sales as well

Accept Custom Orders

Example: Custom Product Order Form with Automated Calculations

Chameleon Woodcrafting

Result: Recieved so many high paying custom orders, they are booked up for the whole year

Find YOUR solutions

Let us help you get past your hurdles, whatever they are. We’ll create a website that addresses your unique needs and helps you succeed!