Questions & Answers

Frequently asked questions

Here are some common questions I get about how I work and building websites. If you don’t find the answer you are looking for, please send me a message. I typically respond within one business day. 

The first thing you will need when starting a website is a domain name ( and a hosting service. If you don’t already have those things and don’t know how to get them, I can walk you through it. Most hosting companies offer a free domain name with a paid hosting package. The hosting company and package that you should choose will depend on several factors like what kind of site you need, how much traffic you will have, etc. I personally use and highly recommend Siteground

It depends! Every project I do is so individual and customized to suit your needs, so there is no way to give you an estimate until we talk in depth. Some things I take into consideration are the purpose and goals of your website, type and amount of content, what capabilities your site needs, and how complex your specific needs are. There may also be extra costs if you need to pay for content, resources, or services for your site.

To get a general idea of my base costs, my basic simple site that is mostly a “brochure” website usually starts at 3,000. A mid-range site with a little heavier content and abilities ranges between 3,000 to 5,000. A robust, high value, heavily paged site with complex capabilities will most likely be in the higher 4 or 5 digit range.

Feel free to get in touch with me about a no obligation consultation.

A professional website is an investment that, if done correctly, will generate value and revenue for years to come. Don’t wait to start enjoying the benefits!

I ask for 50% of the invoice to be paid before I will begin on your project. The remainder will be due either on completion or within a set time frame. Once I have received payment in full, I will release the site or files to you.
I prefer payment by check but I also have online payment options.

I can also arrange payment plans for those that need it.

There are three main things that you will need to be committed to in order for me to do my job. 
1. Respond to me in a timely manner when I need feedback. 
2. Provide me with all the content for your site when I say I need it. For the most part, I need everything before we can begin designing. I can give you direction if you need help with content.
3. Be willing and able to learn how to take over you site after it is finished. If you do not want this responsibility, I also offer a maintenance package that covers upkeep of your site. 
If you can do those three things and you are committed to your own success, then we can work together.

WordPress is a common Content Managment software used to edit websites. I exclusively use Word Press to build my websites. It provides absolute freedom of customization and allows me to create sites that can easily be managed by my clients. 

If your website is currently running on a different system and you hire me to redesign your site, I will create your site in wordpress and migrate it to your url upon completion. I will teach you how to use WordPress unless you choose to hire me to manage it. 

If you are serious about getting real results out of your new website, I highly suggest a management plan. It is a set amount of hours monthly that I work on your site and other online assets to bring your business more value. This could include driving traffic to your site, managing ads, SEO work, and more. 

Also, WordPress is constantly updating and changing, so those updates need to be managed for security and performance. If you foresee needing frequent edits, it would be beneficial to setup monthly maintenance for that, as well.

I am available to make changes or inputs into your site usually within 24 hours of contact (usually sooner).

If you are confident dealing with updates and edits on your own, I can teach you how to do it yourself. It is also good to do a regular scan and check for errors, bugs or missing links to ensure users are getting the best experience.

Yes! I have worked with clients local and also ones far away that I never met in person. As a web designer, I am often on my computer and I communicate best through email, anyway, so I can work with you from anywhere!

I am based in Spokane Valley and can meet clients in person in Spokane, Deer Park, or Post Falls. Otherwise, we can work through email and phone. Both work for me!